Bankers Committing Suicide

January 28th, 2014 – Daily Mail

Horror as banker, 39, plunges to his death from headquarters of JP Morgan in Canary Wharf

  • Scotland Yard said the deceased was found on the ninth floor roof at 8am
  • JP Morgan wouldn’t confirm man’s identity but was ‘reviewing sad incident’
  • Witnesses said banker’s body lay uncovered on roof for several hours
  • ‘Traders are usually in by 7.30am, so it could be one of them,’ one said

A banker has died after jumping 500ft from the top of JP Morgan’s European headquarters in London this morning.

The man, who is believed to be 39, fell from the 33 floor skyscraper and was found on the ninth floor roof of the Canary Wharf building.

A source close to the investigation told MailOnline the man was a banker, but JP Morgan, the world’s largest bank by assets, said his name and job would not be released until his family were informed

Tragedy: A banker has been found dead today after jumping from the top of JP Morgan's headquarters in Canary Wharf, London and landing on a surrounding building

‘We believe we know the identity of the deceased but we await formal identification’, a Met spokesman said.

‘No arrests have been made and the incident is being treated as non-suspicious at this early stage.’

Canary Wharf workers were in shock today, with one trader telling MailOnline that his body lay on the flat roof until around Midday.

‘My colleague yelled that he could see that someone had jumped from the top of the building onto a lower roof. His body lay there uncovered for at least two hours,’ he said.

‘Hundreds were looking out of their windows at him.

‘Traders are usually in by 7.30am, so on that basis it could be one of them.

‘It was bonus week at JP Morgan last week so I hope it wasn’t to do with that’.

Another Canary Wharf worker who could see where the man fell told the Evening Standard: ‘It’s upsetting what’s happened but the thought of somebody lying up there for four hours is awful.

‘I got into the office at about 8.10 and the body was on the floor and there were police up there, and they put a white cover on him.

‘I think he was in a suit. As far as I could see the was dressed appropriately, but there was quite a lot of blood, so me and my colleagues were a bit upset.’

Others tweeted that what they saw this morning.

Amie Hughes-Gage said: ‘Just watched the police finally remove that poor bankers body 4 and half hours later with only a white sheet over him.’

Hetal Patel tweeted: ‘The 9th floor roof of JP Morgan is visible from my office window. For a long time the body was left cordoned & unattended’.

Another wrote online: ‘It’s not a nice view from my building. The body is on the rooftop of level 9. So sad’.

In shock: A JP Morgan worker looks out of his window as the man's body was recovered today

The man was found on the 9th floor of the bank's European headquarters buildingPeople look out of the window of the J P Morgan building at Canary Wharf

Investigation: Police at the scene outside the JP Morgan building this morning, where the man was found dead at around 8am

The man appears to have been killed instantly by the fall.

An air ambulance was sent but the man could not be saved.

‘We were called to Bank Street to reports of a person fallen form a height’, London Ambulance Service spokesman said:

‘We sent one ambulance crew, a duty officer, our hazardous area response team and London Air Ambulance to the scene.

‘Sadly a man in his 30s was pronounced dead at the scene.’

JP Morgan’s building has been the headquarters of the bank’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) operation since July 2012.

It used to be owned by Lehman Brothers until its collapse in 2008, and the area houses the headquarters of other banking giants including HSBC and Barclays.

The bank declined to comment on whether the dead man was an employee.

A company spokeswoman said: ‘We are reviewing a very sad incident at 25 Bank Street this morning.’


South Kensington road

A former Deutsche Bank executive has been found dead at a house in London, it emerged today.

The body of William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, was discovered at his home in South Kensington on Sunday by police.

Mr Broeksmit – who retired last February – was a former senior manager with close ties to co-chief executive Anshu Jain.

Mr Jain and co-chief executive Juergen Fitschen said in an internal memo: ‘He was considered by many of his peers to be among the finest minds in the fields of risk and capital management.’

They added: ‘We are deeply saddened by Bill’s death. He was a dear friend and colleague to many of us who benefitted from his intellect and wisdom.

‘Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife and family at this time. We will remember him for his contributions to Deutsche Bank, thoughtful advice and personal friendship.’

Mr Broeksmit worked in investment banking – specifically risk and securities – and lived on exclusive Evelyn Gardens in South Kensington, which has an average property value of £1.9million


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  2. It smells of rotten stinkin fish!!!! The second guy was “brilliant in risk management”
    Come on people..I smell murder..especially concerning our current affairs!!

  3. I love how some of the occupants of the building complained about the body being left within eyeshot for such and extended period. I’m sure they were disturbed by the visual reminder of the outcome of their crimes. “Hurry up and get rid of that body so we can get back to our pillaging and plundering without guilt!”

  4. There could be many reasons for this. I personally view this as a sign of things to come. JP Morgan’s housing building is now owned by the Chinese. A currency reset is about to take place and many top bankers are about to lose everything. These people place their life worth by the amount of money behind their names. So sad! We should pray for their families…can’t imagine the grief.

  5. $20 billion in fines and nobody goes to jail? Here’s what I say:

    Now the rest of you fascist f*ckers jump and take your fascist bureaucrat protectors with you!!

  6. I feel so sorry for the chap who fell and for those he left in grief. No amount of money is worth one’s life. If you are thinking about doing the same, then, please, think again. If you must, then resign your post and start a new life. There is One who gives new life and proved it by returning from death to life. You might consider asking him.

  7. I had the ‘pleasure’ of working at JPM for 15 months. I worked my nuts off only to be shafted by a manager who knew how the system worked. I was very green on these things, but got my own back.
    I got my piles sorted out on the company health scheme, thus delaying my exit by six weeks. Best thing I ever did, my arse is sweet !! I couldn’t get out of that satanic shit-hole quick enough.

  8. All paths have an ending point. Most paths involve a few choices along lifes way that bring us to any given point. We may never know when we may make our final choice or have realized that the choice we just made was our final-final last choice. May we seek Gods wisdom to choose wisely then.

  9. Could somebody commit journalism. These are days of deposit theft and LIBOR rigging. Find out what dept he worked and what crimes are likely therein. He threatened to talk or take other action.

    Banksters at age 39 are not prone to suicide but self-aggrandizement. Someone beat him unconscious and rolled him off the roof to neutralize a threat. JPM pays goons for that job, I’m quite sure, dressed very nicely, of course.

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