Hillsong United Church Steeped In Illuminati And New Age Symbolism

hillsong-united-illuminati-pyramids-new-age-chrislam-laodicea-brian-pastor-e1396104579738March 30, 2014 – Exposing the Devil’s counterfeit church. Everywhere you look today in the entertainment industry, you see signs and symbols belong to the New Age movement and the Illuminati. Some of the most-influential and best-selling recording artists like Jay-Z,BeyonceLady Gaga and others promote a constant push of Illuminati and Satanic symbols. The 2014 Grammy Awards Show displayed open witchcraft.

Article Source: Now The End Begins

Now this is becoming apparent within the walls of the professing Christian church as well.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesian 5:11

Hillsong United Church, located in Australia, cranks out a rock-n-roll show on a par with anything the world has other offer. They feature Heavy Metal crunching guitar riffs, fantastic explosions of light and sound like you were at a Lady Gaga concert, and proudly displayed center stage is the Illuminati pyramid that Beyonce is so fond of. When asked about the use of this major Illuminati symbol, they said that they were “inspired by Mount Zion” in the bible. Yeah, right.


Today’s Christians are so spiritually dead, that they can be shown this unholy, demonic mess and never see anything wrong with it.

The Bible calls us to be separate, not be not like the world but to be like Jesus Christ. Hillsong has millions of fans and follower all over the world, not because they preach the Gospel, but because they offer up Satan’s counterfeit of what the Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be all about. Look at this video clip of one of their concert “church services”, and you tell me where you see Jesus in any of that unholy mess.

YouTube Preview Image

The doctrine preached at Hillsong is not the doctrine of the bible, and if you are a Christian saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, you should have no part of these workers of darkness.

The Illuminati pyramid topped off by what looks like a huge snake in a circle, this is what your average Hillsong United “worship service” looks like. Do YOU see Jesus anywhere in here?

Hillsong United is part of the demonic Emergent Church Movement, and it is deadly spiritual poison wrapped in the candy-coated wrapper of the world’s entertainment.

Source: http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=17836


  1. Thank you for posting this article. Wow. I’ve been reading researching illuminati/masonry/esoteric symbolism for awhile now, and for several years I have had a hard time listening to Hillsong music. When I tune into some internet radio worship stations, and the Hillsong songs come on, I can tell right away, not only by the sound, but by the spirit. It’s not the humble, repentance thick worship that I love. It’s the same spirit that we saw in the movies Avatar and The Matrix, where everyone gets together, their hands waving in the air, joining as one, and as these videos show, it’s the doctrine of all of us coming together and shining our light into a dark world, and through OUR ACTIONS, the world will be changed. Where’s the blood of Jesus? Where’s the Spirit of God leading to repentance? Where is the fear of a sovereign and holy God? It’s not there. It’s about US. ‘We will’ their song states. That’s the same spirit Lucifer spoke when he wanted to ascend Mount Zion himself.

    I highly recommend any last days remnant Christian reads Watchman Nee’s “Latent Power of the Soul”. What these churches are tapping into is soul power, and not the spirit of Christ. Last days babylon will traffic in the souls of men Revelations states, and that’s what’s happening here.

    Thanks for showing this blatantly obvious, to anyone with even one iota of knowledge, symbolism of the last days world order, masquerading as Jesus.

    • I agree, Darren. In the Book of Revelations, the author – St. John of Patmos – mentioned the appearance of false prophets, which Jesus had warned Christians to steer clear from. The leadership of the Hillsong United Church are among such false prophets – bad shepherds who lead their flocks astray.

      Jesus condemned these bad shepherds more than the flocks who had been led astray; because, it is the duty of a shepherd to keep the sheep he is assigned to protect on the right path, away from the dangers that wolves and other predators always present to them; and, that the shepherd who fails in that duty must be held accountable for any losses of any of his sheep to such predators. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and Christians, as well as all of humanity, are His flock.

    • Christianity will never die or be removed. Not as long as there is an eternal GOD, and the fact that He is eternal means He had no beginning and has no end. In fact everything else was created by Him. Including you. There is still time for you to repent but that time is short and I suggest that you RUN for the cross of Calvary with everything you got inside of you. Right now there is still mercy for the believer, but when that Lamb rises someday soon from the mercy seat and comes forward to claim those He has been interceding for, then it becomes a judgment seat. When that happens nothing you can say or do will change God’s mind. “Which ever way the tree leans…that’s the way she falls.”
      Man, I suggest that you choose life while you have the chance. You WILL meet God one day. Either now by a born again experience or you will meet him at the judgment bar. In Revelation that is referred to ‘as the great and terrible day of the Lord.” It’s a great day for those that are saved, but a terrible day for those that rejected salvation and are lost.
      Think about it!

      • You pathetic person. Take responsibility for your own spiritual salvation and stop relying on some mythical Jewish Rabbi who, if he lived (and there is absolutely no valid historical evidence to support the stories about him), would have died and stayed dead more than 2000 years ago.
        The god I know is not some demon, jealous and vindictive. Rather it is All.
        Stop preaching – you are not qualified and merely BELIEVE. Shame.

    • Greetings Alan, religious indoctrination is so deeply ingrained into the human psyche on this planet that nothing you, nor I can say will change it anytime soon. Those lacking understanding of creational law need something to help them make sense of the physical world, and why it is as it is. Most have mastered the art of shaming and blaming others, never looking to see, what they call “Devil” residing within their own-self. For now Jesus and their Devil-being seem to be at war for their hearts and minds, when in reality they are co-creating their own self imposed Armageddon within their desire to be special, or chosen. For now all any of us can do is try to love one another by seeking the similarity rather than the difference, to forgive the other-self, for it knows not what it does, for it has been blinded by man-made religion and its desire for conquest of the human psyche. http://www.focusonrecovery.net

      • Here is a problem for you. If there is no God, how can you make value judgements at all? If there is no God, then all is relative. There is no ultimate universal standard of right and wrong, good and evil. But the problems only start, then. Because, if there is no ultimate right and wrong, how can you know there are certain oughts and ought nots, which you must admit you do know.

        If someone were to mistakenly and accidentally trip you with their foot, you understand there is a world of difference between that, and if that same person intentionally and maliciously tripped you. How do you distinguish these two? Both are the same physical action, but one is clearly an ought not to do, and the other is an understandable error on the other person’s part.

        Any finite, human, local or societal attempt to determine right and wrong ultimately has no basis in reality. Now, does that mean there are no ‘moral atheists’. Ofcourse there are. The moral atheist borrows his ethical standards from the existence of a Theistic standard, whether he or she admits it or not.

        I often see unbelievers such as atheists attacking God and His commands in the Bible. First of all, why attack and put down the morality of a being you do not believe exists? Secondly, who are you to make these value judgements? Thirdly, do you understand these groups that the Israelites were fighting did not exist in a vacuum? They had spent centuries murdering, raping, devouring, sacrificing, and cannibalizing and enslaving and brutalizing each other, including their own children. They were dedicated to murdering the Jews off the Earth.

        Another point: Atheistic evolution does not explain the existence of human evil. Atheists often try to speak of the “problem of evil”, and use the existence of evil to attack the existence of God. But the burden is on the atheist, here. If man is just an evolved animal, why do we see such psychotic savagry? Animals such as cats and dogs, monkeys and sharks, and others do not murder each other and torture each other. No matter how horrible it may seem to us, when animals kill each other it is done over mating, territory, defense, or food. No animal kills for pleasure, and animals do not horde for greed like human beings do. Any form of such behavior is based on animal survival. Human beings kill and inflict pain for more than survival. Why is this? If atheism is true these traits and acts would have been evolved out of humanity.

        We see the opposite: We see more evil and more attacks and more barbarism happening. Things go from order to disorder. Cars, houses, and food breaks down and decays if not maintained and upkept. If Darwinian evolution and atheism were true, we would see things moving ever onward and ever upward. We see things degenerating and breaking down.

        If there is no God and no basis for ultimate morality, why not rape, murder, pillage, and do whatever is desired for one’s personal survival and pleasure? According to that idea, there is nothing but endless eternal nothingness. But thanks be to God, He is real, and Jesus is God, and He is the only Savior. Believe on Him and you will be saved. And when He returns you will enjoy eternal concious joy and bliss and happiness in His Heaven. Reject Him, and you will spend eternal damnation eternal concious torment in the lake of fire. I tell you this out of sincere care for your soul.

  2. Here’s something most Christians would never believe: Most of the so-called ‘churches’ aren’t churches but are synagogues (meeting houses) led by a top-down-control priestclass (so-called ‘pastors’) under the spirit of top-down-control which is the spirit of Antichrist. Most Christians think the word ‘Antichrist’ means ‘enemy of Christ’ which is true, but it is the second meaning in the original Greek in which it was written. The first meaning is ‘Other than Christ,’ or ‘Counterfeit Christ.’

    The Holy Spirit arranged for the true church to be led by a team (see Ephesians 4:11-12), not by a priestclass. In fact, the Ephesians 4:11-12 format was designed so that the top-down-control priestclass system with the ever-present ‘man-at-the-top’ (so-called ‘pastor’) would never take hold in the true church. Unless the gathering is led by a prophet who is overseen by an apostle and supported by a teacher, a pastor (i.e. true pastor), and an evangelist, it isn’t a church but is a synagogue (system church).

    • And let me guess, you’re a sovereign citizen,the U.S. government is a corporation, and U.S. courts are naval courts, amiright?

      • Greetings Americanegro, I am trying to understand your thought here… From my perspective NATO countries are not countries at all, but rather are corporations owned and manager by the banking cartel and all of the cartels assets (tax payers) are governed under Maritime law. Is why we have a birthing certificate and our name is in all caps. We are collateral to be bought and sold. Therefore, none of us are physically sovereign on this planet, all of us are physical slaves to religious/political hidden masters. Do you conquer?

    • Greetings Jim, apparently, within the Levitical bloodline are the crusaders, those whom seek mastery/enslavement of the other-self are now spread out across each branch of the original tree within the Garden of our Eden. The tree’s name is “limitation”. For now it hides another tree called “Endless Possibility”.
      Also, to understand what the Holy Spirit is, is to understand why planet earth is as it is; http://www.focusonrecovery.net/mattersoffaith/Holyland.html

  3. It’s amazing. I am absolutely not shocked largely from witnessing the mindsets of my own friends and family. No one has their own intuition or any ability to see what’s right in front of their eyes. I used to believe I could get somewhere with them but now I just laugh. Simply amazing.

    • Daniel,

      The Catholic Church isn’t THE only counterfeit church, any gathering that is under the spirit of top-down-control isn’t a church at all but is a synagogue/temple run by a priestclass, and is therefore a counterfeit church. In Ephesians 4:11-12 the Holy Spirit made it clear how the true church leadership is to function, i.e. each church is to be led by a team, not by a one-man-band priest.

      When the Holy Spirit instituted it, the enemy saw what he was faced with and so he went to work to bring the Christians back under the old priestclass system (which is what was happening to the Galatian church in the first century). First what he did was to give power to the Jewish priestclass to lure the weak Christians back under the old priestclass system. Then, when the early church fathers saw that, they judged the Jewish priestclass for stealing their flocks, which gave the spirit of top-down-control rights to rebound onto them to produce in them the same thing (per Romans 2:1), and the Catholic Church was born.

      Then several hundred years later the Protestant church fathers judged the Catholic Church priestclass for their religious deception and control, which gave the spirit of top-down-control (that was operating through the Catholic priestclass) rights to rebound onto them to produce in them the same behavior, and that is why we have a top-down-control priestclass running all the so-called ‘churches’ in Western Culture.

      That church in Australia is manifesting the spirit of top-down-control (i.e. the spirit of Antichrist) in a slightly bigger way than most of the run of the mill churches on every street corner in everycity USA. It has a more opulent display, but in spirit it is no different than any other spiritually emasculated system church (each one with their man-at-the-top).

  4. Practically every church in America is a shameful blot on humanity.
    Hiding in their tax free fortresses, ignoring the poor, lock step with authority the so-called pastors/ministers/priests/etc. shiver in fear of the power of the Jews Inc.
    There is a special place for traitors to God, for hiding behind Him even as they proclaim righteousness. Shame on you cowards.

  5. Everything Is Opposite! Lucifer is in control! He’s calling in his debtors and allegiances, new and ancient, hidden and in the open! The Khazarian .2% of the world have wrecked havoc, financial ruin, human misery, killing-off millions of Christians, and made a large controlling profit all the while. They’re 2% in this country, yet they have taken control, all must yield before and not question, Congress, the Whitehouse, the Courts, our Military, TV, all banking, and secretly religions. The ultimate doublecross is coming soon – the most convincing falseflag event. Prepare and take no promise for your soul! He always lies except when he’s bragging in front of your face!

  6. Churches like these are too easy targets. They are way off base and so obvious it hurts. The real evil exists with the marriage of the business right, the political right and the religious right in the U.S.A. (Mystery Babylon?) – this beast began with the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye and others back in the 1970′s and has now reached monstrous proportions including charismatics, fundamentalists, dominionists, word of faith and prosperity gospel and more recently a strange and sinister resurgence of Calvinism (possibly the final nail in the coffin)?!?! The shit is ready to hit the fan and all it will take is another 9/11 before the U.S.A. becomes a full scale theocracy run by these false prophets!!!

  7. Maybe the Heavenly Father is going to say “Well – the covenant about sacrificing my only begotten son wasn’t such a good idea – they’re forgetting about that as well – might as well go back to sacrificing lambs – oh hell with it all – flood it all over again… Of course they’ll be upset and remind me I promised never to flood the earth again – but, look at what they are doing? Controlling weather patterns with HAARP and chemtrails when I am the… Ancient civilizations sacrificing their young on the pyramid tops and now they abort millions in clinics… Then there’s this rainbow coalition – oh hell – flood it! No use bringing back Atlantis! No use in resurrecting the nephilim! FLOOD IT! FLOOD IT! FLOOD IT!

  8. “If the head is corrupt than so is the tail”…Modern Christianity is based on the totally FALSE Dispensational Theology.Scofield was a FRAUD!! WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!!

  9. RE: Zionism…Zionism is a POLITICAL philosphy invented by Theodore Herzel,a reprobate Jew who was an ATHEIST.He refused to have his son circumsized(mandatory under Jewish law!).Too many Christians supprt Israel and Zionism and turn a blind eye to the sins of modern Israel.Butchering the Palestinian ppl and blashpheming the name of Jesus is just 2 of them.

  10. What? No buckets of brimstone thrown at me by other Christians because I refuse to support Israel? Hmmm…anybody out there? LOL

  11. I understand what you are meaning about how the body of Christ should abstain from evil practices in the world-of course! However, I did go to a Hillsong United concert in the United States because I had listened to their worship songs-like Oceans, for instance. I am here to write about my experience. Yes, there was very loud music and lots of lighting. Ok, and honestly, some of the loud music I did not particularly care for-just my opinion. However, I see nothing wrong with adding the cool lighting affects because of the reason it is used. Lighting in itself is not wrong at all, and adding the cool affects grabs the audience’s attention. Once the audience’s attention is grabbed, then Hillsong settles down and worships-singing songs about how good God is and how great His love is. So, I think that some of us Christians are really missing the point–not to be ugly. You see, the point of us being here on earth is to worship our Savior and to spread the message of God’s love and salvation He brings us through his death and resurrection. Our focus should be “how can we best let others know about Christ?” Oh course, we do not compromise Scripture or condone things that are wrong! however, we should try our best to focus on reaching the lost-and not getting so bent out of shape over the little things-like the loud music. The whole point of the loud music is to draw the audience in-and Hillsong then turns all the praise to the Lord. It was worshipful. Truly. And since people were getting saved that night, I don’t see a problem. And if you’re still persuaded that what they have been doing is wrong, well then you have your free will in Christ to think that way. However, I just wish us Christians especially would stop criticizing other Christians-as long as if what they are doing is Scriptural-and focus on why we are here. I honestly think that Satan uses division in the church to stop the spread of the Gospel. And btw, Hillsong used the mountain affect when I went to their concert. There was no sign of devil things and it definitely didn’t look demonic. It truly just looked like a mountain the Lord created. In fact in their Oceans song, they had ocean waves in the background. I do not think it was used as a demonic symbol—I don’t think they would do that since they were “right on” with Scripture. So anyways, I write all this in love. I just have seen too many Christians being bogged down with little things that Scripture does not even talk about. God bless you.

    • Lucifer and his fellow demons know scripture all to well! If churchs were connecting people to God, the Creator, then they might earn their titheing. Meanwhile, most would connect better from their chaise lounge in their backyard in the Creator’s cathedral where life and sounds are in 3-D with His creations and not entertained or distracted! Certainly , nothing coming out of Hollywood will do that!

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  13. Well, that is true that Satan and the demons know more about Scripture. However, they are not trying to win souls for the Lord–and spread the Gospel.

  14. Hillsong had gotten my family closer to God, of course with the help of our church. Now we understand that God changes hearts for him and hillsong has been great to helping our hearts get closer to him. If hillsong is really what you all claim it to be so be it, the “devils” purpose is not being fulfilled in our hearts. Now, can anyone answer what the whole evil purpose if hillsong is then if our minds stay pure to God with or without hillsong worship??

    • Juan,
      There are many insurmountable theological problems with the Hillsong movement, especially with its leadership.
      The Apostle Paul and other New Testament writers warn of those preaching “another gospel”.
      As a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ since 1973, I have seen many different movement arise and deceive people – all in the name of Jesus. The primary message of Jesus Christ is to take up the cross and follow Him. Now He took up His and was killed thereon for our sins and lawlessness, in order that we can be forgiven for them. But those who follow Him must also die. The Apostle Paul declared that they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh, with its affections and lusts. The Apostles tell us that fellowship with the world makes us God’s enemies. There is very much that could be said further concerning these things, too much for now.
      Hillsong is a movement which has taken the things of the world and wrapped them in Christian terms. Their attraction is this world’s music, not the Cross of Jesus Christ. Their message is not based on the teaching of the New Testament, but is broadly the prosperity gospel of false brethren. Hillsong leaders are not willing to address their acceptance of homosexuals in their midst, their acceptance of the Pope as a “great Christian leader” (they are both pro-homosexual and the Papacy). Their leader believes and teaches that the god of Islam and the God and Father of The Lord Jesus Christ is one and the same.
      The leader’s father who founded the original AOG church from which Hillsong sprung is a homosexual peadophile. This is a known fact.
      I am provided this information, not to condemn anyone, but rather to informed you of some of the problems which I myself have learned about this movement. May The Lord give you wisdom and courage.

      • Dear Alex,

        Everything you said is right, but you’re overlooking a few things. First, you’re overlooking the difference between the anointing of the Holy Spirit and soul power. Practically all of visible ‘Christianity’ runs totally on soul power, not by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Second, the Lord has always regarded the soul power churches as nothing more than top-down synagogue systems that more or less mirror the old Judiac priestclass system that both he and Paul denounced as being demonic.

        This Hillsong church is merely a system church with more upgraded window dressing than most so-called ‘churches.’ They are no more or less evil than any run of the mill system church on every street corner in every downtown of every small town in the US. They are following their god which is Antichrist (the original meaning of the name ‘Antichrist’ is ‘Other than Christ’, or ‘Counterfeit Christ.’

        • ” First, you’re overlooking the difference between the anointing of the Holy Spirit and soul .”
          I am? How am I doing so and in relation to what exactly?

          • Well, for one thing you said that Hillsong is a movement as if it is a special case. What I’m saying is that it is no different in spirit than 99% of so-called ‘churches.’ The Holy Spirit revealed to the Apostle Paul that his format for true church leadership is that it is to be led by a prophet, who is overseen by an apostle, and assisted by an evangelist, a pastor, and a teacher (1 Cor. 12:28, Eph. 4:11), not by a single man-at-the-top (so-called ‘pastors’). Any so-called ‘church’ that is run by a man-at-the-top isn’t a church but is a synagogue and the man-at-the-top isn’t a pastor but is a functioning rabbi/priest operating under soul power (at least, and very often under demonic power as well). True church is led by a prophet, not by some ‘ordained’ or ‘appointed’ (or self-appointed) man-at- the-top.

            You make it sound as if Hillsong is a special case when in fact it is no different in spirit than any other system church. Hillsong is nothing more than an embellished synagogue under the spirit of top-down-control (which is the spirit of idolatry [Old Testament Baal], which is the spirit of antichrist). The Holy Spirit purposely designed five-fold team church leadership format so that there could be no man-at-the-top (standing idol).

  15. Jim, I just saw a movie preview for the Hillsong movie. In your opinion, what is their motive in producing a feature length film…according to the preview, it’s not for their glory but for His. I realize that was for advertising purposes, but can you tell me anything about this movie?

    • Candy, Sorry for the belted reply, I didn’t know people had continued to post comments here. Anyway, I don’t know anything about the film. One thing I do know about films is this: When movies were first invented they were called ‘Moving Pictures.’ The English word ‘picture’ comes from the ancient Hebrew word ‘Image.’ In scripture the words ‘image’ and ‘idol’ were used more or less interchangeably. Movies therefore are ‘idol’ in animated form, making them exponentially more insidious and powerful as the static idols people worshiped in the old days.

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  17. Mountains not Pyramids: I think that the “pyramid” symbol on their oceans cd cover and the lead graphic in this article looks like mountains, not like a pyramid.

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